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The Value of Automated SAP Deployments on Azure

If you’re planning to migrate your SAP application to Azure, some of your main drivers for the move are increased performance and cost savings. You want the agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency that comes with running your SAP workloads on a cloud platform like Azure. What if you could have more? More agility and more cost-efficiency running your SAP workloads on Azure. You can. And you can have it with less. Here’s how.
Wharfedale has developed automated solutions that completely automate SAP deployments and operations on Azure. With our automation solutions, your organization can maximize the performance of its SAP investment on Azure while reducing operational costs .
Our automated solutions cut the deployment time of your SAP systems from days to a few hours.
No reworks required. Read on to discover the impact our solutions can have on your SAP application operations.

The Value of Automated SAP Deployments on Azure

Most SAP deployments are done manually. Manual SAP deployments are time consuming and prone to human error. More time and more errors cause delivery issues and poor quality, which directly impacts your resource costs.

When your SAP deployment time is dramatically cut and errors are reduced you receive the following benefits:

Increased service reliability

Our completely automated execution is far more reliable than manual execution. It produces fewer errors and higher execution quality

Reduced time to market

We can deploy SAP landscapes in a matter of hours instead of days using the automated workflows provided by our SAP automation tools. With this automation you can operate your business with even greater agility.

Impeccable Compliance and improved auditability

Have strict compliance requirements? With the template-based approach of our SAP automation solutions, you can meet the strictest compliance requirement in your SAP on Azure environment. Our template-based approach also simplifies auditing.

Reduced run costs

SAP Basis and infrastructure operations done manually require human labor and its associated costs. Wharfedale’s SAP DevOps automation  reduces costs by minimizing human labor.
At Wharfedale, we understand the value of automation in daily operations. That's why we have gradually automated critical components of your SAP Managed Services through out the years. Partnering with us for SAP Managed Services on Azure gives you access to these automated solutions:
SAP Deployment Automation
The latest addition to our portfolio of automated solutions. It incorporates best practices from SAP and Azure to produce consistent, cost-effective SAP deployments on Azure. To automate the deployment of SAP environments, we utilize a set of specialized tools that work in tandem to enable workflow automation and node configuration. Once the SAP instances are deployed, our automation platform can be used to automate start/stop activities for non-production SAP environments. This helps you save infrastructures costs by making specific systems like sandbox, training, or development available only when needed.
Save infrastructures costs by making specific systems like sandbox, training, or development available only when needed.
SAP Basis Automation
We have simplified SAP administration activities by automating various tasks such as SAP systems backup, systems refresh, systems copy, and OS patching. Automating critical components of our basis administration frees up your team and enables you to focus more on value-added activities.
Monitoring Solution for SAP Landscape
Our monitoring solutions not only monitor your SAP landscape but take automatic actions as well. We know the typical performance issues an SAP landscape may face in an Azure cloud environment. Our monitoring solutions automatically detect these issues when they arise and resolves them. This automation significantly increases our response time and allows our support team to dedicate more resources to your most critical issues.