How Wharfedale Technologies Uses Data to Cut SAP on Azure Costs and Improve Performance

Published On
January 14, 2020

In today’s business landscape, the amount of data you have at your disposal can have a huge impact on how well your business runs. Why? Because without data, you cannot draw out insights that contribute to better decision making and operational efficiency. Simply put, Data is King.

At Wharfedale Technologies, data is a critical component of our Managed Services. We utilize data to help you improve your SAP operations after an Azure cloud migration. This translates to better resource utilization and increased cost savings for your business.

An Interactive Dashboard for all your Data Requirements

All the data you require from your SAP on Azure landscape can be drawn out of our interactive Cloud Analyzer Dashboard. With this dashboard you can monitor your cost, performance, and organizational user experience in real-time.

While developing the Cloud Analyzer dashboard, our team gave great consideration not only to the data presented, but the presentation of the data as well. This is why our dashboard includes interactive charts and filters that make it easier for you to measure business impact, diagnose issues, and make swift decisions.

Key Features of our Live SAP on Azure Dashboard

The data provided by our live dashboard falls into two categories: Cost and performance. You could say that we provide 2 dashboards in 1. Below are the metrics provided in terms of costs and performance.

Cost Dashboard

The cost dashboard provides an overview of cloud expenditure and cost distribution across your SAP landscape, location, database and application servers.

 With the Cost Dashboard you receive:

  • Daily updates
  • Daily expenditure
  • Filter column for expedient data retrieval
  • Cost distribution based on SAP Landscape, Application Database Servers, and location.
  • Map view of the data centers your data is being held and how much your company is spending at each location
  • Data on which VMS are consuming the most money
  • Data on how much of your Azure Monetary Commitment has been Consumed
  • Data on potential cost savings based on cloud usage
  • Data on cost distribution between Applications and VMs

Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard gives insight into the performance of your cloud infrastructure by providing data on CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization. It also provides intelligent suggestions for cost savings based on resource usage. With our performance dashboard, your staff can proactively identify and fix problems within minutes, not days.

With the Performance Dashboard you receive:

  • Daily updates
  • Filter column for expedient data retrieval
  • Data on CPU usage and Memory percentage
  • Data o Network Activity and Disk Activity
  • Data on average CPU usage for all VMs in order to determine which VMs to scale down, thus reducing costs.
  • Data on VMs with zero usage during none business hours, thus giving your business the option of shutting them off during none business hours to further cut costs.


Optimize SAP on Azure Costs and Performance with Wharfedale’s Cloud Analyzer Dashboard

When you partner with Wharfedale for SAP Managed Services on Azure, you’ll be able to identify your under-utilized resources, view your cost distribution by business landscape, and understand how your cloud resource performance affects cloud spend. You’ll be able to do all this and more in real-time with our Cloud Analyzer Dashboard.

 For a live demo of our Cloud Analyzer dashboard go here: Cloud Analyzer Dashboard