SAP on Azure: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Published On
July 2, 2019

SAP on Azure refers to the hosting of SAP systems on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. It is the product of a strategic partnership between Microsoft and SAP and is aimed at helping companies accelerate their digital transformation.

There is a problem however.

Though more and more companies are beginning to shift their attention to digital transformation, they are faced with more questions than answers. The obvious and most important question that comes up first is: where do we begin?

As technical experts of SAP and Microsoft Azure at Wharfedale, we can confidently state that your digital transformation journey should begin in the cloud.

Why you may ask? The answer is quite simple.

With the cloud, you have access to infrastructure that connects business capabilities through various technologies like AI, Big Data, and Blockchain. Cloud technology is both a catalyst and a connector that will continue be a foundational source for innovation and growth.

Migrating your SAP systems to a cloud platform like Azure will transform your business through the induction of a robust, scalable, and innovative platform based on the best and most secure cloud technology. Azure will enable your company to be faster, more innovative and   competitive in this current business environment.

7 Key Benefits of SAP on Azure

  1. Cost Reduction - Moving to the Azure platform enables you to reduce your IT infrastructure costs by 30% or more.
  2. Seamless Integration - As a product of Microsoft, Azure offers seamless integration with other business application such as Office365.
  3. Security- With over 25 industry compliance and trust certifications, Azure ensures that your critical enterprise applications run on a secure and reliable platform that protects your data.
  4. Reliability - With 42 regions, Azure has the largest cloud footprint of any cloud provider. This reduces the risk of an outage. In addition to its large cloud footprint, Azure has built-in availability and disaster recovery features to guarantee business continuity.
  5. Performance on-demand - Run SAP HANA and S/4HANA workloads smoothly with the computing power provided by Azure. The pay-as-you-go model, a staple of cloud services also allows you to quickly scale up or downsize your Azure infrastructure as needed.
  6. Flexibility - The computing power is at your fingertips. Provision SAP environments when you need them. Deploy new systems immediately for your projects. They will be ready and available within hours rather than weeks.
  7. Productivity - Azure is much more than an IaaS platform. As a feature rich platform Azure provides a gateway towards different technology trends like AI, IoT (Internet of Things), Analytics, and Big Data.

How we Help You Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey with SAP on Azure

Our Approach

Our cloud experts work with you to understand your unique situation and needs in order determine the most efficient approach when migrating your SAP systems to Azure. We deploy Wharfedale’s 74-factor SAP transformation methodology to help you land your SAP landscape seamlessly into Azure.

Best Practices

We follow best practices to identify specific Azure instances, allocating the appropriate storage based on workload, controlling network traffic between production as well as non-production environments. This approach allows us to move your SAP systems to the cloud quickly and securely.


As your cloud service provider and trusted partner, we not only guide you through your migration journey to Azure, but also continue to support you in the maintenance and the efficient operations of your SAP application environment in Azure.

Our Experience

We are the first certified SAP Cloud Service provider in North America. Since our certification, we have completed 100+ SAP cloud migrations. In one instance our team of cloud experts migrated over 150 servers to Azure for a single customer.

Why Wharfedale is your best choice?

  • We focus on minimal downtime for SAP database migrations to Azure
  • We use a proven, agile, structured approach to ensure a seamless migration to Azure
  • We offer more cost savings with our unique cloud solutions
  • We collaborate with your team to help you navigate through the migration process
  • We have over 25 years of experience in supporting SAP solutions including SAP upgrades, SAP OS/DB Migration, high availability, disaster recovery, advanced sizing for virtualization, backup/recovery integration, system refresh automation and landscape optimization