There’s a Faster Way for SAP on Azure Customers to Resolve Performance and Downtime Issues

Published On
July 2, 2019

Your SAP infrastructure is running on Azure. Everything has been running smoothly in terms of production and system performance for the last 3 months. However, while monitoring your SAP landscape you noticed that the system was starting to experience some performance bottlenecks. You know that if these performance bottlenecks are not resolved quickly it will negatively impact production and other business processes.

What do you do?  

Your first instinct is to notify your IT staff to resolve the issue. After spending some time on the problem, the IT department informs you that they cannot diagnose or resolve the issue. They suggest that the issue could be a network issue which can only be resolved by Microsoft Azure support.  

Following their reasoning, you submit a support ticket to Azure support. After running a diagnosis, Azure support informs you that the issue isn’t on their end. Four hours have now gone by since you first noticed the bottleneck in your system. You still haven’t found a solution much less a diagnosis of the problem. Every minute that goes by means a decrease in production. You are getting frustrated.  

At this point, you conclude that the issue must be with the SAP application. After all, that is the last available option in this equation. Based on this reasoning, you submit a support ticket to SAP. Considering the amount of time that has gone by without diagnosing the issue or coming up with a solution, you hope SAP can help diagnose and resolve the issue quickly.

This situation is a common challenge that SAP on Azure customers face when a performance issue needs to be resolved.  Like the earlier illustration shows, crucial time can be wasted when you’re trying to diagnose an issue. Is it an issue that the internal IT staff can solve, is it an issue with Azure, or is it an SAP issue? These are all questions that customers need to answer quickly, yet many customers are regulated to a slow process of elimination to answer these questions.

What if you could quickly pinpoint the root cause of your performance issue without going through a process of elimination that involves a complex SAP infrastructure and a complex cloud platform? You would not only be able to save time but increase the production and efficiency of your organization.

If you’re wondering how to quickly diagnose and resolve performance issues as an SAP on Azure customer, look no further than Wharfedale’s Express Support Service. Wharfedale’s Express Support Service is a service that helps customers quickly diagnose and resolve critical issues involving SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure.

The Express Support team is composed of experts who have a technical understanding of SAP solutions and Microsoft Azure. With their technical understanding of both the SAP system and Azure’s cloud platform, the Express support team can quickly help you diagnose and resolve the performance and downtime issues you are facing.

Here are the key benefits of Wharfedale’s Express Support Service:

  • Quick Diagnosis: Find out whether the issue lies within an SAP application or Azure infrastructure. Wharfedale’s experts understand SAP applications and how they work with the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, allowing for quick and accurate diagnosis of the issue.
  • Faster Resolution: With an expedited diagnosis, you can have issues resolved quickly. If the issue is Azure related, Wharfedale will refer you to Azure support with a detailed diagnosis of the problem to help the Azure support team resolve the issue faster. If the issue is with an SAP application, Wharfedale’s team will resolve it or outline a problem statement to open a case with SAP technical support.
  • Dedicated Team of Experts: Wharfedale’s Express Support team has the tools and capabilities to resolve issues and help minimize the impact that performances issues and downtime can have on business operations. Having such an experienced support team can make a lasting impact in the response, recovery, and long-term resilience of your SAP landscape. 

Performance issues with business-critical applications such as SAP need to be addressed before they negatively affect productivity. You can’t address performance issues effectively if you haven't properly diagnosed them. That’s why it’s important to have a team of dedicated experts such as the Express Support Team to help you diagnose and resolve your performance issues quickly. To find out more about Wharfedale’s Express Support service, talk to our experts.