Business has slowed down.
Your digital transformation doesn’t have to.

Cloud Now. Pay Later.

No upfront costs

Undergo a minimal downtime SAP on Azure migration with no upfront costs

180 days of deferment payment

No monthly charges on your SAP Managed Services contract for 180 days

Better near-term cash management

Manage your near-term cash efficiently while transforming your mission-critical SAP landscape
Current shutdowns have grinded the economy to a halt. Like many organizations you may have shifted your focus to one of two things:
Your near-term survival
in the market
Your market position once things return to normal
As far as things returning to normal, here’s the thing. “Normal” won’t be the same. There’s going to be a “New Normal”.

The New Normal

What does it look like?

No one knows. What we know is that a crisis of this scale will shift the
preferences and expectations of employees, consumers, and society
as a whole.

If you’re wondering how your organization can return to effective production
at pace and scale in a radically different business landscape, here’s how.
Become resilient.
Becoming Resilient
The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
Your resilience as an organization during this crisis will heavily depend on your IT systems.

At Wharfedale Technologies, we help organizations realize the agility, scalability, and operational efficiency they need to adapt to changing market conditions by migrating their mission-critical SAP landscapes to the cloud.  In other words, we help them become resilient.
The Value of SAP Cloud Transformation
The cloud gives IT the ability to deliver business value at low cost and great velocity.  With your SAP systems in the cloud, your organization can try new SAP business functionality, pilot new applications and components, or test new socially informed CRM and sale techniques more quickly and cost effectively.

Think about it.

What better way is there to position your organization for rapid recovery in a radically changed business landscape than adopting technology that keeps you agile, flexible, and cost effective?
Difficult Decisions
You may be thinking, “moving our SAP systems to the cloud sounds promising but we are currently holding off on digital transformation projects”. This tactic is helpful in dealing with near-term cash management issues but what about your long-term position in a restructured market?

We understand. Choosing between near-term survival and long-term market positioning is difficult. This is why Wharfedale is offering the Cloud Now - Pay Later program. Under this program you won’t have to choose between near-term and long-term survival.
No upfront costs
180 days of payment deferment
Better near-term cash management
To take advantage of the Cloud Now – Pay Later program, get in touch with our experts today.
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Don’t wait.
Cloud Now - Pay Later.

With the Cloud Now- Pay Later program, Wharfedale will execute the migration, modernization, and management of your SAP landscape on Azure cloud to ensure you have the agility, scalability and cost efficiency you need to be resilient in a rapidly changing market.

The best part is that your organization pays no upfront cost for the migration to Azure and receives 180 days of payment deferment on your managed services contract. Here’s another glance at the benefits of the Cloud Now—Pay Later program: