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Keep your mission-critical SAP systems running around the clock with Wharfedale's SAP High Availability Solution.

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Availability is Crucial

As you deploy your SAP systems and attach more and more critical data to support day to day business processes such as sales and order management, the need for continuous system availability becomes more and more crucial.

The challenge however is providing High Availability for multiples of tightly integrated SAP systems, all which are required to run 24x7.

A tailor-made solutions for your business.

At Wharfedale, we understand your SAP environment is unique. That’s why our high availability solution is developed in alignment with your unique environment. Whether you can only afford a few hours of downtime per quarter or per year, we’ll implement a high availability solution that meets your business requirements.

Preemptive Eliminations

We implement a redundant layout of your technical infrastructure to eliminate all single points of failure (SPOFs) from affecting system availability

System-wide strategy

We utilize a system-wide strategy to protect all components of your system such as database, network, hardware and system software, etc.

Unbroken Performance

We help you prevent outages during planned maintenance

Unhindered Rolling Updates

We enable easy rolling updates and patching to prevent business disruptions and increase performance.

Best Practice

We enable easy rolling upgrades and patching to prevent business disruptions and increase performance

Expert Implementation

Years of experience integrating technologies within the SAP landscape and implementing solutions for various clients across multiple industries

A tailor-made solutions for your business.

To avoid bottom-line losses caused by downtime, you face the challenge of maintaining the continuous availability of your SAP application in a complex and interconnected application environment. Here’s what makes this an expert’s job:

Application Environment

The SAP application environment is complex and heterogeneous

Complex Dependencies

There is more risk involved in multi-tiered environments with complex dependencies

Potential Points of Failure

Multi-tier applications have many potential points of failure

Why Wharfedale

Highest Standards of Availability

At Wharfedale, we utilize the right tools, best practice, and our deep domain expertise to ensure the availability of your mission critical SAP applications. Our understanding of the SAP application from the technical perspective combined with our understanding of private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure enables us to protect all critical SAP components within your IT infrastructure.


Robust, Continuous and

To ensure the continuous availability of your SAP system, look to Wharfedale’s SAP High Availability solution. We provide a robust and cost-effective solution that protects your SAP system from top to bottom 24x7.
Utilize features such as Availability Sets, Availability Zones, Managed Disks, Proximity Placement groups etc. to ensure no single points of failure in the infrastructure stack.
Highly available Central Services Instance (ASCS or SCS) by using Windows Failover clustering and Storage Spaces Direct or third-party software
Native HA components such as SQL AlwaysOn, SAP HANA System Replication (HSR) and Watchdog functions are used to achieve high availability at the database level.

Ensure continuous availability.

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