WFT Successfully Orchestrated an SAP Managed Services Audit for a Global Diversified Technology and Manufacturing Company

Wharfedale Technologies Inc., (WFT Cloud) a global leader in enterprise SAP Infrastructure and Cloud solutions, today announces it has successfully orchestrated an SAP managed services audit for a global diversified technology and manufacturing leader serving customers worldwide.
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February 11, 2014


Wharfedale Technologies, Inc. today announces the successful implementation of an SAP managed services audit for a giant a global diversified technology and manufacturing leader who serves customers worldwide with aerospace products and services, control technologies for buildings, homes and industry, automotive products, turbochargers, and specialty materials with nearly 120,000 employees in 100 countries.

The customer requested WFT to audit their SAP BASIS services because of the following factors

  • Increase in incidents of SLA violation
  • Increasing number of unplanned down times
  • Large unbudgeted increase in operational costs
  • Inflexibility or lack of scalability in supporting infrastructure
  • Unplanned delay in new project roll-outs/Modifications

Various teams were involved in providing information to WFT in order to baseline their AS-IS state. The audit process included teams in charge of servers, network, storage, SAP Basis, and operations as well as change management and crisis management.

WFT conducted meetings with managed services managers to understand their operational procedures and communication channel mechanism with the customer. WFT documented Managed Services operational challenges and also understood all the best practices followed within their day to day operations. WFT also conducted interviews with BASIS administrators to evaluate their talent, skill level, certification and training schedule’s.

WFT analyzed and documented any immediate critical risks to the environment and provided recommendations to the customer. WFT also administered meetings with Managed Services’ direct reports to the customer who are responsible for documenting and recording procedures and processes. WFT reviewed the customer SLA contract defined for Managed Services and validated if that is being followed as per the contract.

The audit also included evaluating the High Availability configuration & Disaster Recovery Fail-over / Fail-back configuration to validate the customer SLA’s and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements.

In conclusion, WFT conducted meetings with Change Management Team to understand the integration between SAP BASIS Operations and how changes (SAP Transports) are moved to production.

Based on the above information and documents, WFT analyzed and performed a Landscape Design / Operational Procedure review to create a GAP Analysis and Risk Mitigation report for any Single Point of Failure. A recommendation report was delivered to the customer on how to improve the customer SAP Basis Operations SLA’s.

WFT’s audit helped reduce the risks and costs of maintaining the SAP application in support of critical Business process.

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WFT’s audit helped reduce the risks and costs of maintaining the SAP application in support of critical Business process.
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