Wharfedale Technologies Announces a Transformation Proof of Concept Service for SAP HANA® to Assist Customers Planning to Migrate to SAP HANA

As companies face roadblocks in their digital transformation efforts, Wharfedale's Transformation Proof of Concept Service for SAP HANA offers customers a roadmap beginning with a migration to SAP HANA business data platform on the Cloud.
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November 26, 2018


Wharfedale Technologies Inc. has made its Transformation POC (proof of concept) Service for SAP HANA® readily available for enterprise customers. With this service, Wharfedale will help its customers plan, design and execute an SAP HANA migration to Microsoft Azure within a limited scope as a proof of concept to prepare them for their digital transformation journey.

Wharfedale's Transformation POC Service for SAP HANA comes at a crucial time for enterprise customers. According to a recent report from tech analyst Forrester, many companies are facing roadblocks in their digital transformation efforts due to a resistance to change and the absence of a clear roadmap. The Transformation POC Service for SAP HANA addresses these hurdles and helps customers make their digital transformation journey.

"Wharfedale not only performs a migration. We also help customers focus on digital transformation. Everyone in the world is looking at digital transformation right now and we believe that the cloud is the first step," said Ganesh Radhakrishnan, CEO, Wharfedale Technologies. "With a move to SAP HANA platform in the cloud, customers can begin to look at the next big product of SAP, called SAP S/4HANA."

Wharfedale's Transformation POC Service for SAP HANA is a three-week long project. In Week 1 Wharfedale will review the customer's environment and install the SAP HANA platform on Azure based on deployment best practices. Week 2 and Week 3 will cover the migration and testing phase. At the end of each week, customers can expect Wharfedale to execute a list of action items corresponding to the main objective of that specific week.

The deliverables of the Transformation POC Service for SAP HANA are as follows:

  • A bill of materials (BOM) with Azure servers for the selected SAP HANA system
  • An architecture diagram for SAP Landscape with SAP HANA platform migration
  • Azure infrastructure setup and configuration of the SAP HANA platform
  • A proof of concept for the SAP HANA workload running in Azure

Enterprise customers have much to gain from Wharfedale's Transformation POC Service for SAP HANA. This service will provide customers with many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • A clear understanding of the requirements of a move to the SAP HANA platform on Azure
  • The ability to maximize research budget and minimize development costs
  • An understanding of the capabilities and limitations of SAP HANA platform on Azure
  • The ability to visualize the look-and feel of a SAP HANA platform workload running on Azure
  • A reduction in the overall risk of project failure.

Customers can view Wharfedale's Transformation POC offering for SAP HANA on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace. The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling finished Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and premium datasets.

"Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers around the world can easily find, buy, and deploy partner solutions they can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure," said Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. "We're happy to welcome Wharfedale's solution to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem."

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Wharfedale's Transformation POC Service for SAP HANA platform comes at a crucial time for enterprise customers
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