Wharfedale Technologies Rolls Out Its First Intensive “Cloud Infrastructure Architect” Career Program in India

WFT Cloud, a fully owned subsidiary of Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT), is a leading professional IT services consulting firm specializing in cloud system infrastructure integration and operational management services for SAP® solutions. WFT today rolled out its first Intensive Career program in Designing and Architecting Cloud Infrastructure, at its office in India.
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March 31, 2014


Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT Cloud) today announced the launch of its first 12-month career program to educate students and professionals, to design and implement cloud infrastructure solutions. WFT Cloud has been a pioneer in the ‘Infrastructure Design and Management’ market for well over a decade. This program is derived from the expertise and field experience of WFT professionals. The educational management team within WFT then designed the program to provide students and IT professionals with the knowledge and skills to become Cloud Infrastructure Architects or Infrastructure Management Professionals, a growing need in the industry.

WFT Cloud Infrastructure and Services (WFT-IS) is a 'fully structured' program focused on virtualization and cloud infrastructure technology concepts and principles applicable to any vendor environment. The WFT-IS program is suitable for Engineering students and IT professionals and will assist candidates to meet industry expectations and, prepare them for responsibilities in rapidly expanding technology domains.

While the underlying levels of infrastructure will remain consistent even with the advent of cloud, the increased business focus in this new environment will significantly change how training is integrated. IT as a service is the new paradigm and IM will flourish much more than projected due to On-premise and Private Cloud Management requirements, Hybrid Model Development and Solution Integration. The curriculum for the WFT-IS program is designed to be extremely rigorous and upon successful completion, candidates can pride themselves on being exceptionally well-prepared and ready to take on the demands of this industry.

  • WFT-IS covers the importance and benefits of Cloud computing and the need for its rapid adoption with respect to emerging industry needs.
  • WFT-IS covers every component of infrastructure service and management, including in-depth coverage of all the fundamentals and essentials of OS, DB, Storage, Networking, and Virtualization of the entire cloud stack.
  • WFT-IS believes that the ever-changing technology market is vendor agnostic.
  • WFTUS shares its experience not just in the fundamentals, but also in turn defines the roadmap for transformation from a Classic to Cloud environment.
  • WFT-IS covers virtualization requirements and available tools at each layer of IT infrastructure.
  • WFT-IS covers Business Continuity and provides options in a virtualized environment. It also enables students effective in exploring cloud products and services based on Business/IT requirements.

The Infrastructure Management (IM) market has been booming in India over the last few years, which has brought in the required comfort factor. IT infrastructure management firms are now providing required tools with flexibility and reliability, for global corporates to look at a Hybrid Model. The Hybrid Model also indirectly supports their immediate needs due to global location of data centers. Delivery Models, Nature and complexity of work, and Emerging Technologies have created several changes within the IM market. Considering Market expectations, Segmentation & Specialty, Duration of the deal cycle - the Indian IT industry is becoming the preferred destination for Managed Infrastructure Services Market. A recent survey of global IM Service Market, projects a market size of USD $375 billion in 2015 of which, 40% is outsourced. India’s share in this outsourced market is around 2%, for approximately USD $3.5 billion. A study, conducted by IDC, predicts that Cloud Computing will generate over 2 million jobs in India by 2015.

The Indian IM industry is a commoditized market, which is dominated by a few big players. Domestic IM business is projected to increase its share in the market and the bottleneck to this will be pricing, due to competition, value added SLA based services and free add-ons to encourage customer retention.

The WFT-IS program prepares individuals, specific to the Cloud Infrastructure and Services demands of the market, and will ensure that successful candidates achieve roles with greater responsibilities.

About Wharfedale Technologies Inc.

Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT Cloud) is a leading technology consulting firm specializing in infrastructure integrations and services for SAP solutions, as well as private/public/hybrid cloud solutions. As an SAP-certified provider of cloud and hosting services, Wharfedale also offers SAP solutions around high availability, disaster recovery, advanced sizing for virtualization, backup/recovery integration, systems refresh automation and landscape optimization.

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WFT-IS curriculum is Cloud centric, vendor agnostic, and tailor-made for IT graduates and professionals responsible for architecting and managing servers, storage, network, and related applications.
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