Transforming SAP Cloud Migration

Considering moving to the Cloud?

Experience the agility, scalability, availability, and performance benefits the cloud has to offer.

Transforming SAP Cloud Migration

It’s not about doing it different. It’s about doing it right.

Minimal Downtime

Our cost-effective & phased approach focuses on minimizing the downtime during the transfer

Infrastructure Design

We consider over 74 factors in our planning to avoid any surprises during the migration to SAP cloud

Experience & Partnerships

We are a turnkey service provider with credentials and technical expertise on both the SAP application & the Azure Infrastructure.

Performance & ROI focused

We are focused to maximize your SAP Cloud Investment and improve your ROI through SLP & KRA’s to deliver results for your organization

$0 Down Migration

A $0 down monthly subscription model that helps organizations overcome their budgeting and resource challenges

Phased Migration To SAP Cloud

The expertise that made Fortune 1000 organizations choose us

Our Phased Migration to SAP Cloud Model helps our clients minimize risk by giving them an opportunity to try the cloud environment without impacting critical business functions.

At Wharfedale, key steps to a successful migration to SAP Cloud are carried out ingeniously through a time-tested phased approach to streamline the process, avoid any loss of data, and proactively handle any issues that may arise during or after your migration.
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Planning Phase

In the planning phase of the migration we walk you through your Azure on-boarding, define infrastructure solutions, review your current landscape, agree on the scope of the project, define the migration to SAP Cloud timeline to meet your business needs and finally define your success criteria.

Design Phase

The entire Azure infrastructure solution supporting the SAP application, as well as the migration methodology is undertaken to present you with high-level detail design documents. Some other areas addressed during this design are SAP High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Back up & Recovery, and system copy.

Migration of non-production Environment

In this phase, we create base infrastructure components in Azure if required. For AS-IS migrations, most of the tools replicate the entire on-premise server (physical or virtual) and at the time of cutover create an Azure instance and storage space based on the replicated image.

Migration of production Environment

Based on non-production cutover, we notify you about the overall migration timeline and downtime requirements for production cutover. Technical and functional testing are also performed in the QA environment to minimize problems encountered after the production cutover.

Hypercare Support

After the migration, your systems are put in hyper care for a period of 2-3 weeks to monitor the production performance, provide hyper care support for post-GO-Live, plan to decommission of your on-premise server, and finally take the opportunity to further improve your SAP environment running in Azure.
Few More Things
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for your success

Minimal Downtime

A phased approach is a core component of our SAP AS-IS migration or an  OS/DB migration methodology. Our Focus is Minimal Downtime for SAP Database Migration to the Cloud. We are proud to provide unique solutions that give our clients a cost-effective SAP database migration to the cloud solution that focuses on minimizing the downtime during cutover.

Right Tools

Each migration to SAP Cloud is unique and demands the right tools to use for each use case. With over 100+ SAP Cloud Migrations, we have built proprietary solutions and processes for seamless migrations in addition to tools offered by vendors like Azure, AWS, or Google.

Detailed Infrastructure Design

This level of optimization to achieve minimal downtime is only possible because of our extensive experience in evaluating and analyzing multiple factors related to cloud migration for ERP applications. Implementing this robust planning strategy enables soundproof and secure migration.
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Cloud Monitoring

One of the critical components of our solution involves monitoring which provides configuration & performance data of the underlying cloud infrastructure to the ERP application and provides a holistic view.

This capability enables us to exceed the customer SLA’s and KPI’s.

Network Design & Security

We accurately estimate bandwidth requirements and help our clients to plan for it.  Also, as customer data is sensitive, we take measures to encrypt the data while it’s in transit during the migration.

Our network security based solutions include setting up virtual firewalls, access control lists, and network security groups to protect the customer data from cyber attacks.


Reduce errors and increase resilience by deploying migration automation. Our experience enables us to automate key processes specific to infrastructure provisioning in cloud and application specific migration.

This minimizes human errors and expedites the overall migration timeline.
Experience & Strategic partnerships
Milestones only a team of 110+ years of combined experience can achieve
Always look for a service provider that has the credentials, a proven approach, a cost-effective solution, and the technical expertise on both the SAP application and the Cloud Infrastructure. When you partner with Wharfedale for your SAP Cloud Migration project you partner with – 
Devil is in the details
Always choose no-surprises in business-critical applications
Due to the complexity of SAP applications like interdependencies between components and other applications, a cloud migration cannot be treated as “any” other application migration. Even minor details, if overlooked, can result in adverse surprises.
  • No extended or unexpected downtime
  • Avoid data corruption and data loss
  • Avoid application performance issues
  • Avoid technical compatibility issues
Performance of your SAP
production landscape
Overall costs for running
SAP Infrastructure
A True Story

A Story of how we help a client migrate 250 SAP systems to Azure

On top of these credentials, Wharfedale brings something even more important to the table. And that’s the ability to deliver results for your organization. Below are some results from an SAP cloud migration project in which we moved over 250 SAP systems to Azure.

Unplanned downtime for 24×7 SAP Landscape

Provided minimal downtime SAP heterogeneous migration to Azure with guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Longer new server provisioning time

Faster server provisioning (hours vs days) Improved Performance

Overall high cost for running SAP Infrastructure

Pay as You Go Model (PAYG) to reduces total cost of ownership for SAP Landscape by 30%

No protection against disasters

Enable high availability (99.9%) and disaster recovery capabilities for SAP Environment
Economised efficiency within your reach
0$ Down Cloud Migration
Receive the benefits of moving your SAP applications to a higher performing, more reliable, and easily managed cloud infrastructure with little to no business disruption and no upfront costs
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