Disaster Recovery As A Service
A true disaster is when you don't prepare for one
Make your business unstoppable in the face of outages with Wharfedale's SAP DRaaS.
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Importance of DRaaS
Your SAP system is the backbone of your mission-critical business processes. To ensure the continuity of your day to day operations even in the face of an outage, you must be able to rapidly and reliably recover your SAP applications and data to meet both operational recovery and remote disaster recovery requirements.
What Wharfedale offers
Intelligence. Expertise. Reliability.
Wharfedale has the experience to help design and implement a robust SAP Disaster Recovery Solution that promises the following.
Data Recoverability
Quick and secure access to all of your SAP data with zero data loss
Infrastructure Recoverability
Ability to recover key infrastructure components
Business Recoverability
Recover interrupted business processes and reconcile every affected transaction
Application Recoverability
Restart your SAP production Landscape considering internal dependencies, external interfaces and user access.
solution for your SAP needs
Wharfedale provides a DRaaS solution that leverages next generation recovery technologies like continuous data protection, application failover, and heterogeneous synchronous replication, to ensure the rapid and reliable recovery of your SAP environment both locally and remotely.

Whether it is cutting down the amount of potential data loss or your RTO (Recovery Time Objective), We have a comprehensive recovery solution for all your SAP needs.
Identify Recovery Scenarios
Your Recovery Scenarios will dictate the desired architecture as well as your test and acceptance criteria. That's why we identify and document them upfront.
Understand SAP Landscape Environment
To successfully plan for achievable recovery targets, we get a clear understanding of the dependencies and interfaces in your SAP environment.
Remove Human Dependency
To further reduce your RTO we automate a majority of the steps within the recovery process. The automation removes human dependency and delays.
On Demand Disaster Recovery Testing
As per guideline and compliance, companies have to perform periodic DR testing; we help our clients perform DR testing in an affordable way.
The Complexity of Recovery
The tight integration of SAP applications with your core business processes brings tremendous value to your organization. This integration however, contributes to the following challenges and requirements when implementing disaster recovery solutions:
External considerations
The recovery needs to account for all of the external interfaces
Tight integration
Tight integration of SAP with every process makes disaster recovery complex
Address multiple requirements
Recovery must address the requirements of multiple platform
Is business continuity critical to you?
At Wharfedale, we believe that integrating key infrastructure and application technologies with a defined and repeatable recovery processes is the cornerstone of a successful recovery.

We have proven methodologies, best practice architectures, and years of experience implementing DR solutions to help you design and implement a robust SAP Disaster Recovery Solution that can be continuously tested and refined as your SAP landscape evolves over time.
When developing your DR plan, look to Wharfedale to help implement a solution that protects your SAP investment and ensures business continuity.