SAP on Cloud

The Benefits of SAP on Azure

It is only a matter of time before all SAP NetWeaver landscapes are migrated to SAP HANA and the Cloud. The journey for SAP customers however, is anything but straight forward. Why? Because many SAP managers know that on their journey to SAP HANA and the cloud, many of their applications and systems need to exist side by side till the journey is complete.

The migration to SAP HANA and the cloud not only requires a significant time investment. SAP customers also need to invest in a public cloud platform that suits their needs. For enterprise level customers looking to move to SAP HANA and S/4HANA, Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provides the robust, resilient, and reliable environment needed to do it successfully.

Why SAP on Azure?  

Cloud technology has been around for over a decade. Although cloud adoption has been slow in the early days, now seems to be the turning point. At this point it time Many SAP customers are looking for a scalable and agile deployment architecture. SAP managers, due to the 2025 end of support deadline, are also under pressure to start moving business processes to S/4HANA. The only problem is that they don’t know what their SAP landscape will look like on S/4HANA.

Considering the fact that SAP roadmaps for S/4HANA don’t address some of the unique business processes customers have,it’s no surprise that many customers have to deal with several unknown factors. For the customer, these unknown factors make it particularly hard to generate an accurate picture concerning the on-premise hardware investment needed for their S/4HANA deployment.  

With Azure, the challenge of customers not knowing the hardware investment needed for an S/4HANA deployment becomes a none factor. Why. Because Azure enables customers to deploy S/4HANA systems on demand and pay only for their active infrastructure usage. Once their S/4HANA systems are deployed on Azure, customers can also accommodate the infrastructure demand on S/4HANA systems by upgrading to larger and larger VM types for the SAP HANA database. Amongst all public cloud providers, only Azure offers a purpose-built SAP HANA Large Instance option supporting up to 20 TB on a single node.

The Microsoft and SAP Partnership

On top of running their SAP systems on a secure, scalable, and enterprise-grade platform, SAP customers who run their SAP systems on Azure also benefit from the partnership between Microsoft and SAP. These two companies have formed a strong partnership over the years and have been focused on one goal: to provide businesses with a clear roadmap so they can confidently drive innovation in the cloud.  

When you migrate your SAP systems and workloads to Microsoft Azure you get:

  • A reliable, highly available,and scalable SAP-certified infrastructure
  • A shared roadmap due to the partnership between Microsoft and SAP
  • Market leading security, global reach, and compliance
  • The ability to bring your own SAP license, reduce capital expenses, and monitor costs
  • Data analytics that powers better, faster decisions and more innovation