SAP HANA on Cloud

Deploying SAP HANA on Public Cloud

SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-based,database management and application development system. Its main function is to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications it runs. In terms of performance, SAP HANA is many times faster than a traditional database.

SAP HANA has a unique column-based and in-memory design. The column-based design allows HANA to read and perform faster than other technologies, while the in-memory design provides faster data querying and data processing. By combining these two factors along with SAP HANA’s analytical capabilities, you get a database that provides a superior user experience.

Prior to HANA, there were limitations on how much data could be stored or processed in a single operation. For example,if you tried to view your company’s purchase orders for an entire fiscal, it would take quite some time to run such a report. There was even a chance that the operation would fail while running, leading you to explore other options such as running the report in the background or in smaller chunks. With SAP HANA, such a large report can be read and processed so quickly that you wouldn’t encounter such obstacles.

Why SAP HANA on Public Cloud?

SAP HANA can be deployed on premise, on public cloud, or in a hybrid approach depending on the business need. For businesses looking for greater flexibility, agility, and cost savings, public cloud is the best option. By running SAP HANA on public cloud, you receive the following benefits in addition to what HANA already has to offer:

  • Faster Deployments - Procuring SAP HANA certified hardware, racking, stacking and connecting all the required components takes time. On public cloud all the hardware ready the go, making your deployment faster.  
  • Cost Savings - with SAP HANA on public cloud, you can reduce the high up-front costs of IT with a pay as you go model.
  • Scalability - Public cloud provides customers with the capability to scale-on-demand for SAP HANA instances with ease and at a shorter time duration.
  • Flexibility - The wide geographic availability of public cloud provides customers with more options in terms of collaboration among employees and disaster recovery solutions for SAP HANA.
  • Security - The top public cloud providers invest hundreds of millions of dollars a year to insure the protection of customer data and business assets. With this level of investment,public cloud platforms tend to be safer than most on premise data centers.

How Wharfedale Helps Customers Successfully Move to the Cloud

Our Approach

Our cloud experts work with you to understand your unique needs and define the most efficient approach to migrate your SAP systems to the cloud. We deploy Wharfedale’s 74- factor SAP transformation methodology to help you land your SAP landscape seamlessly into the cloud.

Best Practices

We follow best practices to identify specific instances, allocating the appropriate storage based on your SAP workloads,controlling network traffic between production as well as non-production environment. This approach allows us to move your SAP systems to the cloud quickly and securely.


As your cloud service provider and trusted partner, we not only guide you through your migration journey to the cloud, but also continue to support you in the maintenance and the efficient operations of your SAP application environment.

Our Experience 

We are the first certified SAP Cloud Service provider in North America. Since our certification we’ve completed 100+SAP cloud migrations. In one instance our team of cloud experts moved over 150 severs to Azure for a single customer.


Why Choose Wharfedale?

  • We focus on minimal downtime for SAP database migrations to the cloud.
  • We use a proven, agile,structured approach to ensure a seamless migration to the cloud.
  • We offer more cost savings with our unique cloud solutions.
  • We collaborate with your team to help you navigate through the migration process.
  • We have 25+ years of experience in various SAP implementations involving SAP upgrades, SAP OS/DB Migration.


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